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Experiencing hardship from

low website traffic?

low sales?

poor website design?

non-optimized website?

The three conditions for Shopify's e-commerce website success are satisfied by our all-inclusive solutions.

Store Layouts and Designs

Things are always evaluated by their covers, as we are all aware. Online shoppers use a store’s appearance to determine whether or not to make a purchase. Therefore, hiring a team of professionals to create a gorgeous, user-friendly, and search engine optimization-friendly website for your online store is one of the greatest methods to make your Shopify website stand out. The professionals in our agency know how internet shoppers behave. We therefore know what to do when it comes to Shopify store layouts and designs to encourage your ideal customer to take the appropriate action on your Shopify website.

Proper Shipping Setup

A quick and economical shipping option is what 95% of internet shoppers desire. Our staff of agency specialists is knowledgeable about how quick delivery and shipment operate. Please feel free to delegate to us the shipment and delivery arrangements.

Effortlessly Payment Gateway

The final and most crucial component of an online store is conversion, sometimes referred to as customers making a payment. In certain nations, setting up a payment gateway may call for technical expertise. When it comes to payment gateway setup, our team of professionals has you covered because they comprehend this issue and have the solution.

We Understand Shopify Alot

Khim Agency creates SEO-optimized Shopify websites that set your e-commerce business apart from the competition.

Our Services

Shopify Website Design

Khim Agency provides Shopify website design for a variety of businesses and niches. We monitor website tactics and new algorithms as experts in Shopify websites.

Shopify Website Redesign

Your current website will be redesigned by Khim Agency into a stunning, modern Shopify site. It will be sophisticated and lively. A study of your current design, its shortcomings, and its integration with your business will be the first step.

E-commerce Brands That Trusted Khim Agency

Hear From Khim Agency Previous Clients

I'm still working with Khim Agency on the completion of my project but so far I have to report that I am very impressed and happy with their communication, suggestions, and attention to detail. I especially appreciate their patience with me to explain everything step by step because I have not a clue about websites and what puts them together... This agency is great, I highly recommend them! 🙂


Khim Agency went above and beyond what was needed. There were never any complaints anything I wanted to fix, was heard and fixed as asked. They were very patient with the requirements highly suggest working with them!


I wanted to have an online store designed from scratch. Khim Agency was very supportive, and informative. The agency was willing to go the extra mile to deliver a product of quality. I am very pleased with the final product, and I would definitely recommend his service.


Awesome communication and timely service. Khim Agency went of the way to make sure I understood everything that was going on during the process


You have come to the right place. If we could give 1,000 stars, we would. We were ripped off by 2 other agencies and Khim agency came through for us. Very professional, attention to detail, creative, and quick to respond and deliver. You will not be disappointed for an amazing price! Highly recommend!!


Amazing work! Was exactly what i asked for and even more. thank you guys so much i’ll be back for more

Ethan Williams

Why You Should Hire Khim Agency For Your Shopify Seo-Friendly Website Project

We are aware of your desire, and we will work with you to make it come true by enabling your ideal customers to make purchases from your company.
Khim Agency discussing about Shopify
You get a specialized skillset

Working with Khim Agency will give you access to copywriters, SEO specialists, designers of online stores, and more.

It’s cost-effective

Hiring Khim is way more economical, you are hiring a pro at an affordable rate

You get a fresh perspective

Khim provides a fresh set of eyes and new perspectives on how to create an online store. Khim has access to many different tools, so the value is much more than just what you pay us. We have the intelligence, network, and background to execute the various designs at scale. 

Free 10 minutes consultation!

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